Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A Slap Over Poverty of INDIA?

As you all know India had won World Cup, although it second time after a prolong period but finally have done it, and the team work was really appreciable but how far is it good to pay rewards rather than a huge amount to Indian team. Do they really deserve to get it? A person if dies in any disaster Indian government pays them 1 or 2 lakh or sometimes if goes a big public issue then this amount goes a little bit increased as 5 lakh to 25 maximum, Where as it is a matter of life OTOH a match which is nothing more than a entertainment option got win by Indian team and get rewarded by rupees and lands which cost in crores. Now in mean time when i compared both things i got a really big question does a match really have a huge cost than a life? Peoples spent their life to get a Doctorates degree and Ms. Dhoni gets it by playing match what a really great scenario.
Does Indian government really feels nice after paying them a huge amount as a reward where as they were playing for profession, Indian have really a lame mentality that they found to joint the game with pride of India. If get lost Indians lost their pride and if win then Indians has got its pride back.
As far as my opinion the idea of reward should have some change the declaration which is done by minister’s should pay this reward money from their own accounts rather than paid by India government, after all India is already poor and by these kind if declaration they are going to make a big support in this.
How did Indian government have had these kinds of ridiculous rights which allow to waste big amounts and pay it as a reward? A common man had several time done a great job which really deserves these kinds of awards, an army man who protect this whole country if dies in a war Indian government pay his family 10 lakh for his great job what a great justice.
A great Economist (not in my opinion, as I have heard) which is directing this country and losing his control from economy still our Prime minister. Prime minister which had several contradictions(Based on news papers) and has accepts several of his faults which helped in big scam are still our Prime Minister do he also still deserves.
India is a democratic country and every Indian have this right to ask for this, so as an Indian and I think I deserve a reply from Indian government and a vote from Indian peoples that how far this decision of rewards is right.

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  1. Nice post
    Hmmmmmmm it's real image of india

  2. A ridiculous system it is....
    That's good you have expressed it here..